«Thank you so much for the victory»

On 4 of May 2020 at the Faculty of Economics and Law, the curator of the group K-203, K-403 Dosov Zh.B. and students of the Jurisprudence educational program held an open curatorial hour – «Thank you so much for the victory!» which is dedicated to Victory Day on May 9th. The purpose of the event is to inform students about the II World War, its consequences, and about Great Victory.

During the curator’s hour, a video were shown to students about the II World War, students of the group presented their grandfathers-veterans. In 1941, the dictatorial policy of the German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler shocked the Soviet people. The younger generation should never forget that today’s happy day was given to us and future generations by victorious wars who fought for their country and land.
The event was attended by representatives of the dean’s office of the faculty and the staff. Congratulations to all Happy Victory Day !!!