Training for specialists of organizations

Candidate of Economic Sciences of the Department «Economics and Management» Kurmanalina A. A. conducted a training on the topic “Time is a value that can not be bought” for employees of the Higher Scientific Methodological School «NurSeience» and the regional testing center «U-STUDY»

The purpose of the training is to train participants in effective time management techniques.

During the training, the following methods were used: «Resource circle», method «Planning for the week», ABC system – method of prioritization, Eisenhower matrix. The training participants performed a case analysis, practical tasks: “Trial timing”, «Identifying time thieves.»

In order to increase the dynamics of the group, improve the skills of time planning, the distribution of functions in the group, and constructive communication, the trainer held warm-ups between the training blocks.

Each of the proposed methods will help to organize some part of the organizational work. These methods do not require any special tools (even a computer) for their application, they best help us in any situation to maintain a clear vision of our tasks, optimally and efficiently use our time.