6M050600 – Economy

Code, name of the educational program:


Passed the Accreditation (the year of passage, the time of passage):

Based on the results of the examination of the non-commercial external expert commission, the “Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating”, conducted in November 2016, educational program successfully passed specialized accreditation for 5 years

Training period, term:

Full time, 1-1,5 and 2 years.

The awarded degree:

Master of Economics and Business on  educational program 7М04101 “Economics”.

Spheres of professional activity:

Business and Management.

Objects of professional activity:

economic, financial, marketing, production-economic and analytical services of organizations and enterprises

Subjects of professional activity:

study of the actions and forms of manifestation of general, private and specific economic laws on the development of economic processes in specific conditions of the industry or individual enterprise, as well as the conditions and factors for identifying reserves to ensure the achievement of the best results at optimal costs.

Types of professional activity:

research, organizational, managerial, financial, technological, socio-economic.

Master of the specialty can perform the following types of professional activity:

planning, development of economic strategy of an enterprise, implementation of economic analysis, design, technical and economic analysis, labor rationing, controlling, management of innovation and investment management

Practice bases:

The Fund of support of entrepreneurship development “Damu”, LLC “Transenergo”, TNK “KAZCHROME”, Akimat of Aktobe region and the city of Aktobe LLC “Artastronomical”, “Tsesnabank” JSC, LLC “Diyar holding”, JSC “ozenmunaigaz”, JSC “KAZAKHINSTRAKH, SB JSC “Sberbank”, JSC “Caspian Bank”, JSC “Forte bank”, JSC “Kassa Nova”, Department state revenue of Kazakhstan, LLC “Aral Petroleum capital” LLC, “the Status Project”, LLC “Arlan Tekhnogrupp” LLC “Novoangarsky Melkombinat” JSC “housing construction savings Bank”