6В04107 – World economy

Code, name of the educational program:

6В04107 – World economy

Accreditation (last year, past year):

Form of study, duration:

Full-time 4 years, 3 years

Degrees given:

bachelor of Edication in educational program 6В04107- «World economy».

The field of professional activity:

social sciences and business.

Objects of professional activity:

economic, financial, marketing, production-economic and analytical services of organizations and enterprises

Subject of professional activity:

study of the actions and forms of manifestation of general, private and specific economic laws on the development of economic processes in specific conditions of the industry or individual enterprise, as well as the conditions and factors for identifying reserves to ensure the achievement of the best results at optimal costs.

Types of professional activities:

planning, developing an economic strategy for an enterprise, organizing financing for investment projects, attracting investors, conducting financial analysis, performing work on the economic and technical evaluation of enterprises with a view to acquiring them, the activities of experts and consultants.

Practical bases:

The Fund of support of entrepreneurship development “Damu”, LLP “Transenergo”, TNK “KAZCHROME”, Akimat of Aktobe region and the city of Aktobe LLP “Artastronomical”, “Tsesnabank” JSC, LLP “Diyar holding”, JSC “ozenmunaigaz”, JSC “KAZAKHINSTRAKH, SB JSC “Sberbank”, JSC “Caspian Bank”, JSC “Forte bank”, JSC “Kassa Nova”, Department state revenue of Kazakhstan, LLP “Aral Petroleum capital” LLP, “the Status Project”, too “Arlan Tekhnogrupp” LLP “Novoangarsky Melkombinat” JSC “housing construction savings Bank”