6М030100 – Jurisprudence

Code, name of the educational program:

7М03101 – Jurisprudence

Passage of Accreditation (year of passing, time of passing):

Training period:

Full-time 1-1,5 years, 2 years.

The awarded degree:

Master of Laws in educational program 7М03101- Jurisprudence

Sphere of professional activity:

Spheres of professional activity are state bodies, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, government regulation of the economy in the links of market infrastructure, research institutions.

Master of Laws  in Jurisprudence can carry out analytical, research, organizational and administrative (administrative) and educational (pedagogical) activities in the following areas:

  • law-making activity: preparation of normative legal acts
  • law enforcement activities: justification and adoption of decisions within the limits of official duties, as well as the commission of actions related to the implementation of legal norms; drafting of legal documents
  • law enforcement: ensuring the rule of law, security of the individual, society and the state; protection of public order; protection of private, state forms of ownership; prevention, suppression, detection, disclosure and investigation of offenses; protection of rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities
  • organizational and management activities: implementation of organizational and managerial functions
  • research activities: conducting research on legal issues; participation in scientific research in accordance with the profile of their professional activities
  • pedagogical activity: teaching of legal disciplines; implementation of legal education

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity of the master are in profile training legal, administrative management, expert-consultative, organizational and managerial;

at scientific and pedagogical preparation – educational, scientific-research, methodical, administrative-administrative, organizational-administrative.

Subject of professional activity:

The subject of the professional activity of the Master of Law is the study of the actions and forms of manifestation of general, private and specific laws, as well as the conditions and factors for identifying reserves to ensure the attainment of the best results at optimal costs

Types of professional activity:

Production and professional activities are the prerogative of masters in this area of ​​training, as the educational process requires them to thoroughly study current issues of a legal nature, including:

  • aw enforcement activity
  • law enforcement
  • pedagogical activity.

The project activity of masters in this specialty is carried out in two main areas: organizational design and justification of projects. Organizational design involves the development of organizational structures for resolving legal issues, justifying the expected results, their implementation and adaptation. The justification of the projects involves the preparation and implementation of project calculations, the development of amendments and additions to the current legislation.

Research activities of masters in this area of ​​training are carried out both within the framework of research programs of higher educational institutions and within the framework of relevant research groups of scientific research institutes, enterprises and organizations. A special place is given to international programs of scientific cooperation in the field of jurisprudence.

The educational (pedagogical) activity of graduates of this profile consists in professional activity (teaching of legal subjects) in general educational institutions, educational institutions of primary, secondary and higher education.

Master of Science in the specialty can perform the following professional activities:

Masters in the educational program7М03101 Jurisprudence can perform the following types of professional activities:

  • in the case of specialized training, work in law enforcement bodies, judicial bodies, justice bodies, state bodies, commercial and non-commercial organizations;
  • in the scientific and pedagogical training to work in the educational sphere, engage in research and methodological work

Practice bases:

  • Department of Justice for Aktyubinsk Oblast
  • Center for public services in the Aktobe region
  • Department for the Execution of Judicial Acts in Aktyubinsk Oblast
  • Notary Chamber of Aktyubinsk Oblast
  • Department of Internal Policy of Aktobe city and others