6В04108 – Business Administration

Code, name of the educational program:

6В04108 “Business Administration”

Accreditation (last year, past year):

Form of study, duration:

Full-time 4 years, 3 years

Degrees given:

Bachelor  of   economics  and  business  of   specialty   6B04108 “Business Administration

The field of professional activity:

Business and Management

Objects of professional activity:

Organizations of various legal forms (commercial, non-commercial). Centers for organizational and technical events and administration of the implementation of operational management decisions, as well as structures in which graduates are entrepreneurs who creating and developing their own business.

Subject of professional activity:

Business administration in small and medium enterprises, international commercial business, development of prices and implementation of pricing policies, development of forms and methods of influencing the market, formation of demand and sales promotion. Implementation of strategies of organizations, enterprises or institutions. Processing, analysis and interpretation of information to assess the effectiveness of operational management decisions.

Types of professional activities:

A business administrator must manage personnel, business, and projects for creating and introducing new products (services) to the market, and carry out economic and managerial work. Stages of career growth: analyst or manager of the corporate governance department, department head,  development director, executive director, and general director of the corporation.

Practical bases:

The Fund of support of entrepreneurship development “Damu”, LLP “Transenergo”, TNK “KAZCHROME”, Akimat of Aktobe region and the city of Aktobe LLP “Artastronomical”, “Tsesnabank” JSC, LLP “Diyar holding”, JSC “ozenmunaigaz”, JSC “KAZAKHINSTRAKH, SB JSC “Sberbank”, JSC “Caspian Bank”, JSC “Forte bank”, JSC “Kassa Nova”, Department state revenue of Kazakhstan, LLP “Aral Petroleum capital” LLP, “the Status Project”, too “Arlan Tekhnogrupp” LLP “Novoangarsky Melkombinat” JSC “housing construction savings Bank”