6В04106 – Marketing

Code, name of the educational program:

6В04106 – Marketing.

Accreditation (last year, past year):

Based on the results of the examination of the non-commercial external expert commission, the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating, conducted in November 2017, successfully passed specialized accreditation for 5 years.

Form of study, duration:

Full-time: 4 years.

Degrees given:

Bachelor of Economics and Business in educational program 6В04106 – Marketing.

The sphere of professional activity:

Business and Management

Objects of professional activity:

Markets (commodity, stock, information; capital, labor, etc.), marketing opportunities economic subjects, marketing research, consumers, suppliers, intermediaries, contact audiences, competitors, products production and consumer purposes, services, promotion elements (advertising, communication with public, personal contacts, stimulation marketing); state institutions, enterprises services (hotels, public food, travel agencies, excursion bureau), production and intermediary enterprises, international chambers of commerce, trading houses, transport and communications, warehousing, political education, public organizations, individuals and societies.

Subject of professional activity:

Marketing Research, Strategic marketing, Marketing management, Marketing, Marketing communications.

Types of professional activities:

  • Organizational-technological activity;
  • Production and management activities;
  • Scientific research activity.

Practical bases:

Kazaktelecom JSC, “Ramazan” LLP, Aktobe LLP “Nan”, LLP “Dastan” (Hotel), NPE Atameken.