Student life

Student life

Students of the faculty participate in various international and national conferences and competitions. Mainly students receive professional training, however they also actively involved in social activities.

The faculty hosts various competitions, KVN, holidays and meetings with interesting people. There are various intellectual discussion clubs that hold debates, discussions, intellectual games and round tables. There is a student Dean’s office, the purpose of which is to introduce elements of self-government in the educational process, the organization of cultural and sports work of young people, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, promoting the improvement of the educational process.

The student debates and various sports tournaments regularly held in the faculty. The holidays such as “Day of accountants”, “Day of financiers”, “Day of public servants”, “Day of economists”, “Day of the lawyer”, “Day of student self-government”, “Golden autumn”, “Student spring”, “Miss of Faculty”, “Well, guys!”, “Laughter day”, “Nauryz”  are celebrated in the faculty.

The activity of student deans is aimed increase the interest of students to study, compliance with the rules of internal order, to solve social problems and the formation of a positive atmosphere in the study groups. The system of self-government plays an important role in protecting the rights of students, in the rational use of free time, education leadership, teaches teamwork, thereby contributing to the formation of a versatile, experienced specialist.

The students who have difficulties such as disability and low-income of families have a material and moral stimulations. Also, talented students are encouraged. Additionally, the faculty established categories of students who can be granted benefits in payment for the training of students who graduated from the school year in all subjects only “excellent” and actively involved in creative and scientific work and students from low-income and large families, who lost a breadwinner, orphans, disabled groups I and II.

Introduction to student life.

1.09. 2022 1st year students of the Faculty of Economics and Law of the ARU named after K. Zhubanov specialties: 6B04202 – Law and law enforcement, 6B04201 – Law and business visited the museum. K. Zhubanov, the library and got acquainted with the work of the Student Service Center, the Confucius Center.