Our graduates and their employment

Our graduates and their employment

The demand for different professions in the labor market is the ratio of supply and demand for the current time. We confidently can say that the students trained on educational programs of the faculty are considered to be in demand, as evidenced demand of institutions for our graduates these days.

The University’s demand in the market of educational services is determined by many factors. This is a modern material and technical base, and the professional teaching staff.

In order to determine the demand of our graduates in the labor market annually hold research among employers on the quality of training of University. The results of which show that graduates of our University have a high level of knowledge and meet the needs of employers, which is important for determining the choice of future specialty students.

According to the demand in the labor market, 80% of our graduates are employed in their field. The faculty holds a “Job Fair”, with the invitation of managers and specialists of enterprises and organizations each year. They select our graduates on the basis of studying of resumes and personal data of students. It is significant that 20% of our graduates receive an invitation to work from companies, enterprises and organizations during the period of practical training.

Our graduates are a great pride of the Institute. The names of the best graduates of the Institute are known outside Aktobe region.

Among them there are heads of National companies, departments, akims of districts, Directors of banks, private enterprises, prosecutors, judges, heads of the Department of justice, heads of ATS, DIA, notaries, lawyers, doctors and candidates of Sciences. Many graduate students have found a vocation in scientific and pedagogical activity and achieved certain successes. Our graduates won the international scholarship “Bolashak” of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and completed a full course of master’s and doctoral studies in the best universities of CIS and Europe.