The faculty held a regional seminar

As we  know,  that due to the rapid growth of tasks of industrial-innovative development of the country, our University there are big challenges and needs in the training of future specialists. Within the framework of these tasks on May 15 in the Faculty of “Economics and Law” on the platform ZOOM organized online regional seminar “Development of the student’s career: active forms and methods in higher education.”   The seminar was attended by employers who have worked closely with the faculty for several years and specialists who teach in the form of dual education.

During the seminar, the participants discussed the basic requirements and wishes for the graduates of the faculty. They also noted  about  some mistakes and shortcomings in the employment of future specialists. It was noted that dual education is beginning to bring results. During training, a student who is in close contact with workplace becomes a good  specialist who has mastered all the requirements of the employer and is psychologically adapted to the new environment. It was also noted that the level of employment of students would be high when  they  will  enthusiastic during the internship. The results of this seminar will allow to  students to work effectively in the future without repeating mistakes, with the recommendations from employers.