6M050900 – Finance

Code, name of the educational program:

7М04104 – “Finance”

Passage of Accreditation (year of passage, time of passage):

Training period:

Full-time 1-1,5 years, 2 years.

The awarded degree:

Master of Economics and Business

on the educational program 7М04104 – “Finance”

Sphere of professional activity:

The main task of the specialty is the training of highly professional specialists who will continue to practice in financial departments, in financial departments for production and business companies, in financial institutions (commercial banks, investment companies, pension fund, microcredit organizations, insurance companies), and will conduct research activities in relevant organizations.).

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity of masters are research institutes, state and local government bodies, production and economic, social-management, marketing, financial and expert services of organizations and departments, enterprises, business structures.

Subject of professional activity:

  • study of the content nature of financial categories and their use in regulating socio-economic processes;
  • Definition of directions of the strategy of financial policy and development of a mechanism for its implementation;
  • Possession of skills in organizing financial relationships, planning, budgeting and forecasting of financial and economic processes;
  • preparation of financial statements of financial market participants;
  • study of international experience of financial organizations and its adaptation to domestic practice.

Types of professional activity:

  • organizational and managerial;
  • project-economic;
  • analytical;
  • research;

Master of Science in the specialty can perform the following professional activities:

preparation of primary, normative accounting documents; organization of accounting of income and expenses; project-economic;   implementation of work on economic planning;  Development of unified planning documentation, economic standards;  the implementation of trade and trade and intermediary activities; analytical: carrying out of inventory of money resources, commodity-material assets, fixed assets;  analysis of business planning.

Practice bases:

AF AF JSC “ATF Bank”, AF SB JSC “Sberbank”, AF JSC “Kaspi bank”, “Caspi Bank”, AF AF JSC Forte Bank, AF AF “Freedom Finance”, Department of State Revenues for Aktyubinsk region.


Modular educational program