6В04104 – Finance

Code, name of the educational program:

6В04104 – Finance

Passage of accreditation (year of passage, period of passage):

In 2016, based on the results of a review of the expert commission of the non-commercial organization RK “Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating”, the educational program “Finance” passed specialized accreditation for 5 years. (The certificate is valid from 26.12.2016 to 25.12.2021, registration number 1188).

Training period:

Full time: 4 years of study, 3 years of study

Awarded degree:

Educational program 6В04104– Finance, Bachelor of Economics and Business

Sphere of professional activity:

Business and Management

Objects of professional activity:

In accordance with the qualification requirements of the Qualifications directory of positions of managers, specialists and other employees approved by the order of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan No273-P of 22.11.2002, bachelors of finance can hold positions – chief and leading specialist in finance, finance specialist , financial director, commercial manager, financial analyst, auditor or auditor: in state bodies of the republican, regional and local level, banks, stock exchanges, financial and insurance companies, investment funds, the Ministry of Finance, National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the non-state pension funds, Treasury agencies, financial offices and departments at various levels akimats, financial services companies and organizations of all forms of ownership, ie, on posts requiring higher professional education

Subjects of professional activity:

The subjects of professional activity of a bachelor in the educational program 6В04104– Finance are:

  • the use of economic categories in the regulation of socio-economic processes;
  • determination of directions of the strategy of financial and credit policy and development of a mechanism for its implementation;
  • possession of skills in organizing financial relationships, planning, budgeting and forecasting of financial and economic processes;
  • preparation of financial statements of participants in the financial and insurance markets;
  • possession of methods of currency and credit regulation and balance of payments compilation;
  • study of international experience of financial organizations and its adaptation to domestic practice;
  • possession of methods of drawing up contracts and other legal documents.

Types of professional activity:

Bachelors in educational program 6В04104 – Finance can perform the following types of professional activities:

  • organizationally;
  • management;
  • productive-technological;
  • calculation and design;
  • experimentally;
  • research;
  • educational;
  • economic;
  • legal;
  • analytical;
  • consulting.

Practical bases:

State revenue committee ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Aktubinsk region, AF JSC “Caspian Bank”, AF SB JSC “Sberbank”, AF JSC ATF Bank, AF JSC Forte Bank, AF JSC Halyk Bank Kazakhstan, AF IC ” Freedom Finance “


Modular educational program